Our Services

  • 1-1 Coaching Sessions

    Get straight to the issue and make forward progress right from the first session- listen, understand and implement change right away!

  • 1-1 Interventions

    If you are in crisis in an area of life, immediate and effective action must be taken. This is what we do here. Problem solving, perception changing and action planning at the razors edge.

  • Couples Coaching

    Balancing lives to find the most fulfilling, joyful life experience possible together.

  • Group Coaching

    Learn how to be more that the sum of the individual people by creating fire in synergy of action, planning and thought. Think special forces, top corporate management or Marvel films creative team- that kind of scope of ability, power and decisive action taking.

  • Webcam Consultations

    If you cant make it to my location, let’s talk in yours!

Personal Development Course

A complete 12 week coached personal growth course that is peerless in its content, delivery and results. Everything you need to create huge leaps in your potential in all areas of life.

If you are not ready to commit to a big change then complete our assessment.

We can show you how we can help both short term and long term and then its up to you. We show you how to help yourself.

If you're interested please complete our assessment and I will personally be in touch to discuss your needs.

Client Experiences

Valerie B. Flexibility & Static Strength Coach

American multi-sport athlete & mother of 5

As a former USA national competitive gymnast, multi-sport athlete and pole dancer, I thought I'd hit my full strength potential. Big mistake! As soon as Jamie got me applying perfect technique across deadlifting, bench-pressing and squatting, along with fun accessory work, my strength doubled within weeks! The numbers have just kept growing from there and for the first time in my sports career, I have remained serious injury free for the first time in over 20 years. Life changer!

Claire F

Jamie is an amazing coach and an absolute gent. I would highly recommend him as a trainer, coach and above all a friend. If you are looking to find your inner potential he is the man to bring it out.

Will C

Restaurant Entrepreneur

Jamie not only coached me, he motivated me as well! He helped me gain better balance, which improved my movement and my overall strength. He helped me develop my confidence through showing me- and me believing- what was actually possible and it was more than I imagined!
With the help of his mental and physical exercises, I was able to manage my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms better, walk with crutches more easily and even take steps without them for the first time!
I would recommend Jamie to anyone- His diligence, compassion and positive attitude has helped me immensely.

Poipin D

From the very 1st session with Jamie he showed huge experience in coaching as well as techniques to improve all areas of life- within two sessions I was feeling better and achieving more than I thought I could!
Jamie is very easy to work with and makes every session, no matter how hard the work, both interesting and enjoyable.
His work ethic and encouragement push you to the next level. I couldn't recommend him more

RJC Anderson

OBE FCIM - Chairman ASG&Partners

Not many people have the chance to work with a true World Champion in their lives. Take it when you can.
Jamie Burke is a World Champion who knows his stuff, as we say here. His very presence is immense.
What is unique about Jamie is his ability to motivate. His enthusiasm for coaching never diminishes and people react to that dedication.
If you are ever considering coaching as an individual, as part of a group, or team, it's hard to beat having a World Champion guide and instruct you. Jamie Burke is A Champion Coach and Trainer.